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Winwood Designs is known for exceptional quality and craftsmanship bringing you the best personalized corporate and personal hardwood gifts.

Our founder “Win” has designed and built furniture and housewares for over 35 years. Blending these experiences WinWood designs brings a full range of quality hardwood gifts for discerning companies and individuals. You will find our clipboard products used in a wide variety of professions and locations. From an elegant fine dining restaurant in a west coast vineyard, an old-school steakhouse in Houston, a quaint bistro in the south of France to a popular hamburger joint in Wisconsin.


Hardwoods are warm and inviting

Our woodworking studio is located in North Carolina, long known for its culture of fine cabinetry and furniture. Our products are made from eco-friendly Appalachian hardwood. WinWood Designs is proud to be a member of the North Carolina Crafts Gallery.



We use a powerful laser to engrave your text or graphic 

We perform all laser engraving and finishing of our hardwood products in-house, providing total control over quality and lead times.

Why is Laser Personalization Better?


  • Permanence: Stickers fall off and ink fades, but when you use laser etching, you have a permanent mark that will stand the test of time.
  • Precision: Laser engraving is highly efficient and will precisely and faithfully reproduce any image.
  • Quality you can See and Feel: Laser engraving removes or burns away a small amount of material creating depth.


American Hardwoods… Naturally Beautiful, Long Lasting Quality, and Green as Green can be”
Made in American with American Hardwoods and Materials

Artists, craftsmen, and manufacturers have learned during the past seven decades that the finest lumber in the world comes from the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. In the US we practice responsible forest management which supplies us with a sustainable resource of hardwoods. Our eco-friendly forest management has allowed our hardwood forests to double since the 1950’s.

The solid Appalachian hardwoods we use are Walnut (our most popular choice), Red Oak, Cherry, Ambrosia Maple and Curly Maple. Note: Not all products are available in all 5 hardwoods.

Expect exceptional and beautiful work, “Close to the forest…means close to the craftsmen”.


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