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Winwood Designs is Win's' Wood Designs

Win, our founder, was bitten by the Hawaiian furniture bug while living on Oahu in Hawaii. There, he was introduced to the principles of fine woodworking and furniture building. He crafted his first clipboard from an exceptionally stunning piece of Koa wood native to the islands. This beloved Kao Clipboard has remained with Win over the years. It has been used for every contract signed and home purchased, providing a classic yet convenient portable office.

The next stop in his journey was to fulfill his foodie dream and create a successful restaurant. With perseverance and hard work, he soon attained his goal. This experience led to the opportunity to start a wooden kitchenware firm and design the product line. These products were sold in gourmet retail stores across the US and Canada. Attempting to produce his designs on a larger scale in US plants would prove unsuccessful, he eventually moved production to Thailand and the Philippines, where his hand-carved styles would be made. Win would later sell this firm to a prominent housewares firm and promised to never return to a wood-related business unless crafted in the USA.


The Winwood Designs Team
Custom Clipboards: Organize your home with personalized clipboards for the whole family.

American Craftsmanship American hardwoods

Win kept that promise and, together with his wife, began handcrafting wooden clipboards and products for individuals and corporate clients in their garage. With extensive knowledge in retailing gourmet products and restaurant business background, it seemed only natural to expand their product line and cater to restaurant and hospitality clientele.

When asked the secret to Winwood Designs' success, the simple response was, "The Wood. We let the natural beauty of the finest solid American hardwood be the focus". And beautiful they are. Crafted by hand, each piece of sustainable, furniture-grade Appalachian Walnut, Cherry, and Ambrosia Maple becomes an elegant uncomplicated, functional product that will last for years.

Winwood Designs is located in North Carolina long known for its fine cabinetry and furniture-making culture. Visit our Engraving Gallery to view images of client products.


Custom Engraved Hardwood Products to Make You Look Good

Our Engraving

We use a powerful precision Co2 laser to customize our wood clipboards, promotional items, and menu clipboards. Engraving our products in-house allows us complete control over quality from start to finish while shortening lead times.

The word "Laser" is actually an acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation"

Laser Engravers take light and condense it over, and over, forcing the light waves into an aligned light beam. This light beam is focused into a single point becoming a powerful laser. The laser beam is directed to pass over certain areas (based on your design) burning away or vaporizing those areas. The result is a smooth, clean, and precision engraving that faithfully reproduces  your text or graphic.

Not just Long-Lasting, but Permanent: Cheaper forms of personalization include Paint and Inks which can chip and fade with cleaning, age, and use, but with laser engraving, you have a permanent mark that will stand the test of time.

Our Hardwoods

Our clipboards and products are proudly crafted by hand in North Carolina from the finest wood in the world, American Hardwoods. We use only solid furniture-grade, eco-friendly, and sustainable Appalachian Hardwoods.

"Appalachian Hardwood is a completely sustainable resource, with two trees growing for every one tree removed."

Appalachian Hardwood provides real, authentic hardwood from the mountains between Georgia and New York. Renowned for the quality and consistency of its grains, the strength of its fibers, and the character and depth of its color and characteristics, Appalachian Hardwood becomes solid wood products with distinct individuality.

Solid American Appalachian Hardwoods - Timeless quality, and lasting beauty

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